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Immediate state and federal compliance

for chat, video, voice and image communications


Evertel enables you to exceed all legal transparency requirements and improve communications and collaboration within your agency and with other regional agencies and government entities.

Law Enforcement

Any agency, any size, in any region can instantly collaborate and share all intelligence from any device. Crime knows no boundaries and now, neither does Evertel, with regional collaboration.


From administrative duties to crisis events, deploy a single communications platform with the capacity to connect with any regional agency and securely share critical information to save lives.

While it’s common for government employees to use public messaging apps for work-related communication, did you know it’s illegal?

With Evertel, your Agency and your employees are instantly compliant with State and Federal records retention requirements replacing common texting or the use of consumer apps such as WhatsApp, Confide, Facebook Messenger and all other non-compliant consumer apps.


All data is accessible and auditable for compliance with FOIA, CJIS, HIPAA and state level records retention laws.

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Military-grade encryption keeps your data safe. All data is stored on our secured private cloud platform.

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Deliver your unfiltered message within seconds to targeted teams or every employee in the agency.

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What our customers are saying


SWAT Officer

Texas, U.S.A.

“Evertel allows our agency and many others to get off the grid when it comes to communicating within our own network. Having an extremely secure, encrypted way to transfer information has always been a crucial part of our job/mission. This App gives us the ability to keep our officers safe and keep the mission secure. Operational Security!!”


Major City FD, Arizona

“This platform has allowed us to share critical information and intelligence instantly with our members. In doing so, we believe our members are safer and better informed to make critical decisions. Additionally, our executive staff has the ability to communicate with every member of the department instantly and securely. The customer service has been great and the app is SO easy to use even a fireman can use it. Great product!!!”

POLICEChief Andy Harvey

Pharr PD, Texas

“Evertel has helped me disseminate information directly to the officers. I rarely use email anymore, to me it is almost outdated and not time sensitive. I love to see my officers communicating with each other on it as well, sending BOLO’s and other real time info”

Only $3 per user per month!

Enterprise features without the enterprise cost!

Don’t let $3 per month stop you from FOIA compliance, encrypted communications and life-saving alerts!