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How to Handle COVID-19 Emergency Management Online

Evertel CEO Jeff Halstead recently interviewed Tracy Montgomery, the Emergency Manager in Surprise, Arizona. Tracy and Jeff worked together for years in law enforcement where Tracy rose to the ranks of Assistant Police Chief and Division Commander of the airport bureau. She has over 35 years of law enforcement experience, and Tracy’s department was one

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How the police profession is changing

How is 2020 changing the way we police?

Evertel CEO, Jeff Halstead, has been speaking with executives in cities that use Evertel to get their thoughts on policing. We hope it gives you insight into how other agencies are coping with these changing times, as well as utilizing Evertel for departmental communications. Jeff recently spoke to Chief Basco, who is the Deputy Chief

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Summer Floods Law Enforcement

Managing Your Extreme Weather Response

You see it every summer: photos and videos of devastating storms producing hurricane-force winds, heavy rains, and severe flooding. You hear the stories of swift-water rescues and mass evacuations, not to mention expensive damage and the logistical nightmare of massive road closures.  When you see the devastation caused by these events, it’s easy to think

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