Police Communication Laws

New Laws for Police Could Put Your Job on the Line

Police reform is happening around the country. For the past year, police communication laws have been part of that reform. Multiple states have enacted laws that limit police online communication, and others are requiring departments to save all shared information. Is your department ready for those restrictions and scrutiny? In Texas, failure to retain texts

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How fire departments communicate with police

How Fire Departments and Police Can Communicate Regionally

This week Evertel CEO Jeff Halstead talked with Brenden Espie, the Assistant Chief in the Surprise Fire Department. Assistant Chief Espie went into Air Force after high school and was stationed in Arizona. Toward the end of his time in the Air Force, he decided he wanted to get back into the civilian world and

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Police Officers Unknowingly Breaking the Law

Most 1st Responders are Unknowingly Breaking the Law Daily

It may not seem possible, but it’s true: around 90% of police officers and 1st responders unknowingly break the law daily while using apps and texting to communicate. We spoke with Jeff Halstead about why this is such a prevalent problem. After Jeff Halstead retired as the Chief of Police in Fort Worth, Texas, he

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