Police Officers Unknowingly Breaking the Law

Most 1st Responders are Unknowingly Breaking the Law Daily

It may not seem possible, but it’s true: around 90% of police officers and 1st responders unknowingly break the law daily while using apps and texting to communicate. We spoke with Jeff Halstead about why this is such a prevalent problem. After Jeff Halstead retired as the Chief of Police in Fort Worth, Texas, he

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The Future of High-Profile Investigations and Crisis Communications

The Evertel executive team has traveled nation-wide to meet with numerous law enforcement agencies and their leaders after high profile incidents, mass shootings, and disasters. Shortly AFTER a crisis, law enforcement leaders realize there has to be a more compliant and efficient method to manage the chaos. Our profession’s planning, preparation and training does NOT

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S.B. 944 (TX) – A Summary for Law Enforcement Executives

You can view the full version of the Act here Here are the highlights of S.B. 944 for Chiefs / Sheriffs: If a current or former employee used a privately owned device (phone/tablet), they shall forward the information (data) to the government body or government body server to be preserved It is important to note

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