1. EverDocs is a new feature that provides form templates to be created and shared within Evertel. 
  2. Bulletins are now an EverDoc form that can be marked as Urgent.
  3. Legacy Bulletins are integrated into EverDocs, and will be located in the ‘EverDocs’ option in your side menu. 
  4. Share your EverDoc to any room you are a Member or Manager (phase one).
  5. Share your EverDoc with specific people in a DM (phase two).
  6. Allow View Only, Edit, Share – permissions determined when EverDoc is shared.
  7. Save or Save & Notify – options when updating EverDoc.
  8. Read Receipts and Reactions apply to the EverDoc posted.

Search and Find any Media by Name in any Room!

Copies Members and Room Settings so you can focus on the task at hand. Works for private rooms, too!

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