How to start using Evertel

Welcome to Evertel – encrypted communication for 1st responders! Whether you’re the first person in your department to sign up or you’re starting a free trial, this article will teach you the fastest way to get the most value out of Evertel. It won’t explain everything (that’s what the Help Center is for) but we will cover the fundamentals to help you start using Evertel the best and quickest way.

Evertel is “cloud based” so no additional equipment is required to use and manage your department. Everything can be done from your desktop or your mobile phone.

Before we get started…

Before we get started let’s talk about the user hierarchy in Evertel. There are four basic user types:

  1. Executives – These users are at the top and have access to everything in the department, including audits and history reports. Executive users are usually Chiefs, Deputy Chiefs, …
  2. Managers – Managers can manage users and bulletins within the department. Managers are usually operational and supervisor staff. Common titles include Captain, Sergeant, …
  3. Employees – Employees can post messages and collaborate with others but do not have management capabilities within the department.
  4. Guests – Guests are users you invite into your Evertel portal that are not part of your department. Common guests are other local public safety departments, politicians and key stakeholders.

Initial setup of your department in Evertel should be done by an Executive user.