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Create a Room

Who can use this feature?
Department Managers and Executives can create Rooms

Rooms are where collaboration happens. Create Rooms to organize teams (like squads, stations, ranks), events (like concerts, dignitary visits, training sessions) or any other method relevant to your Agency. You can create an unlimited number of Rooms. When you need to create a Room, follow the steps below.

New to Evertel: Learn all about Rooms before getting started.

Create Rooms


  1. Click the (+) plus icon in the left menu next to the “Rooms” label
  2. Select the Room configuration that matches your needs
  3. Enter a Room name. Room names must be unique within your Agency.
  4. Enter a Room description to let other know what the Room is about
  5. When ready, click “Create Room” (when you no longer need a Room, you can archive it)
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