How do I edit my existing Bulletins?

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How do I edit my Bulletin?

Your existing Bulletins are now located in EverDocs. This article will walk you through editing existing Bulletins through your EverDocs feature… 

You’re in the middle of a developing situation, and new information has come out. You already have a BOLO posted to your room, and you need to update suspect and vehicle information… Follow the illustrated steps below to ensure you can update your team instantly:

1. Click into the Room your bulletin has been posted.

2. Click into your Room menu.

3. Click “Room EverDocs”

4. Select the Bulletin you wish to edit.

5. Click “Edit”, to begin applying changes.

6. Click to type in any text field.

7. Click “Save”, when you are done.

  1. Tap into the Room your Bulletin is posted.
  2. Go into your Room Menu.
  3.  Tap “Room Bulletins” to view posted Bulletins
  4.  Select the Bulletin you wish to edit.
  5.  Tap the three dots in the top right, then select “Edit”, to begin applying changes.
  6.  Scroll to select any text field.
  7.  Click “Save”, when you are done adding your changes.


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