Why aren’t my browser (desktop) notifications working?

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Troubleshooting Browser Notifications

If you are facing difficulty hearing notification sounds while using a desktop browser, please follow the below instructions according to the browser type you use.

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Go to your Chrome settings menu and select the “Privacy and security” option.









Click “site settings”.


Select Evertel and the arrow next to it to proceed.




Make sure “Allow” is selected for these two categories.

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In your desktop system settings (on an iOS) device you will want to go to your Notifications menu, select the Evertel app, and then designate the options like below:

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In Mozilla, go to your settings menu, then to Privacy & Security, scroll tp permissions and select “Notifications”.

Ensure Evertel is listed and has “Allow” designated on the right. If it is not listed, go to www.evertelapp.com and click on the bell icon in the top right. It will ask for your permission to allow notifications. Then the site will be listed.

Make sure to add Evertel as an exception site to blocked pop-ups. Our toaster notifications may be suppressed if this is enabled.

See below how to ensure Evertel is listed an an exception site for pop-up blocking.

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