Keeping Police Safe and Better Informed with Our Instant-Intelligence Platform


BLUE uses military-grade encryption, 2-step authentication, and a security key not stored in our databases (saved offline by you)


You control who is in your network, who can see what, who can see you, and retract messages if needed


Access your messages on multiple devices from any location and logout of your devices remotely

The BLUE app for police and law enforcement


BLUE keeps officers on the street by communicating critical intelligence in real-time. Audible alerts grab their attention to new messages and alerts.


All data is maintained and retrievable for FOIA compliance. BLUE follows all CJIS guidelines.


BLUE is free to all LEO's (use of intelligence bulletins require an Agency subscription)

Benefits by Rank and Assignment

Below is a summary of the benefits BLUE provides for American Police Officers of all ranks

Patrol Officers

  • Share only with the Officers you select to join YOUR encrypted network
  • Beat information, suspect info, crime data - we ensure data that should be secure is secure
  • Work emergencies and crisis situations on talk groups you create
  • You have control of YOUR data. All data is retrievable should you ever need it
  • Get real-time intelligence bulletins while on the street
  • Improve morale and support your fellow Officers by sharing experiences and tips in Cop Talk


  • Become more efficient by instant communication (voice/text/photos)
  • Talk with those needed to process crime scenes and know your data is secure
  • Share suspect information and data with total confidence and control
  • Case file information will be accessed by only those you select

Sergeants, Lieutenants, & Captains

  • You can broadcast any and all crime intelligence immediately
  • Only those YOU select can be in your groups
  • This will take the place of ‘encrypted’ talk groups on portable radios
  • Share information with other supervisors in other agencies
  • Critical incidents can all be worked on your encrypted talk groups

Chiefs/Sheriffs/Police Executives

  • Create Executive talk groups with other Criminal Justice agencies (FBI/DEA/USSS)
  • Have confidence crime scene and investigation data doesn't fall into the wrong hands at the wrong time
  • Know that all data in BLUE is FOIA compliant
  • Communicate suspect information and intelligence with other departments

Intelligence Bulletins

Real-Time Tactical Alerts Direct to Your Officers

Blue Bulletin Screenshot

Give everyone the same intelligence ALL at the same time.


Gives your Agency the ability to mass communicate instantly to selected or all Officers & Employees.


Increase efficiency using mass-communication to work smarter and faster by sharing critical intelligence in real-time.


Gives the Chief/Sheriff/Admin total control of messaging within your Agency directly to smartphones.


Your City will be safer since you can share crime data and suspect information with every employee.

BLUE Bulletins require an Agency subscription. To get a demo and request pricing, click on the button below.

For Police, By Police

Jeff Halstead

Jeff Halstead

Chief Halstead served for more than 27 years in Phoenix (retired Commander) and Chief in Fort Worth. Chief Halstead was credited for a 24% total crime reduction and for advancing numerous technology programs including over 600 AXON “body-worn” camera systems. In 2014, Chief Halstead created “The Halstead Group”, a law enforcement consulting business, so he can share his experiences and successes with other police agencies and police administrators. He also created “HOPE 4 BLUE”, a national police nonprofit based in Las Vegas.


Find answers to common questions. If you do not find an answer to your question, click ``Email Support`` below

Is BLUE free?

Secure messaging, basic intelligence and small squad rooms are FREE. If your squad needs more features, simply upgrade to one of our low-priced plans at any time.

What happens if I retract any of my posts or messages?

You have total control over your data. If you retract any of your posts or messages they will no longer be visible by anyone else in the system, however, they are not deleted and can be retrieved by you should you need to access them at any time.

What can be shared?

Anything and everything within BLUE! Nothing can be shared outside of BLUE. The more co-workers and police peers you bring into your world of encrypted networks the more efficient you can be! Distributed information can include:

  • Text messages
  • Videos & photos
  • Crime scene photos
  • Criminal intelligence (if allowed by department)
  • Chain of command communication
  • Union dialogue
  • Training videos & stories
  • Case information (if allowed by department)

Who sees my data or has access?

Only those you give access or communicate with directly. We are acutely aware that Police Officers are being targeted by the Media, by criminals, and by formalized activists groups. This compromises the security of Officers, the suspects, the victims and the integrity of each case. Any and all messages/data sent & received within BLUE is encrypted. In addition, only those you directly connect with have the ability to decrypt your messages sent to them. You can revoke access to anyone at any time. While you have total control over who's in your network and who you communicate with, all data within BLUE is stored and maintained for FOIA compliance. You hold the key to it's access and can grant access to your Agency should you need to. ONLY YOU can grant that access.

What Officers are Saying

It is impossible for any supervisor and especially a police executive to send group messages to only those who need to see it. With BLUE, I can create multiple private encrypted networks and survive the police crisis when it occurs.

West Coast Chief of Police

Let's be honest...police departments do not have current technology to help us do our jobs better, faster, and safer. BLUE gives every officer the security needed to share any and every type of intelligence to do their job...and it's free!

Arizona Police Department Union President

In my job, life and death revolve around our need to gather immediate information and share it right there, on scene. BLUE can be customized for every tactical situation we face...and that will greatly support our mission.

Texas SWAT Officer

I'm a Patrol Officer and I cannot use social media to share anything work related. I will use BLUE to share what I experience at work, build strong partnerships with other Officers and only those Officer I want in my network are able to see what I share. Social Media is getting officers fired for just being human and having an opinion.

Major City Police Officer, Illinois

BLUE gives me the ability to securely share crime scene photos and videos with our crime scene supervisor and we are more efficient using it. Also, this evidence cannot be accessed by others that are not entitled to see it.

Central Region Gang Unit Sergeant

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