Real-time Regional Communications and Collaboration During Crisis

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Regional communication and collaboration is the lifeblood of crisis resolution. Email isn’t real-time, the phone or radio has limited reach, everyone from front-line responders to elected officials want – and need – intel and updates NOW.

During any major crisis, a variety of responders can be on the scene, or need to be in the loop; this can include city police, county sheriffs, state police, federal law enforcement, district attorneys, state attorneys, local elected and state elected officials. Who’s in charge? Who is coordinating? How to we reach out to those who need to know with the latest orders, intel, and updates? This was especially evident during the Pulse tragedy in Orlando and Dorner manhunt in Los Angeles.

Welcome to Evertel

Evertel is the perfect tool for communications and regional collaboration. Get the right people in the right place at the right time; all while being compliant with FOIA, CJIS, HIPAA and state requirements. Running on existing mobile phones, desktops and tablets, Evertel provides the managing agency with the ability to communicate with regional 1st responders, elected officials, and all regional agencies with real-time orders, intel, and info; all in the midst of a major crisis such as El Paso’s Walmart shooting. With Evertel, inter-agency and regional communication/collaboration happens faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Regional Communications and Collaboration Features

  • Inter-agency Crisis Rooms: Prior to any major crisis, Dispatch and Command create one or more private rooms for crisis events and add critical response team members as well as investigative members’, elected officials and others depending on crisis type. All members can access these rooms from any smartphone, MDT/MDC, desktop, or laptop. Everyone critical to the success of the mission can be co-located, share all updates, decisions, and chats in ONE secure and compliant location.
  • In-platform direct messaging or ‘DM’: Evertel’s solution to SMS/text or public app messaging all real-time messages sent through the Evertel platform are stored according to state laws on records retention, allowing for management access and reducing the post-crisis investigation time significantly.
  • Agency-wide Alerts: Executive and command have the ability to broadcast agency-wide messages mid-crisis. Significant updates can be sent instantly to ALL personnel during the initial response, after the crisis, and during the ensuing investigation. Agency-wide alerts ensure your 1st responders have the facts so that rumors and miscommunication are managed before during and after the crisis.
  • Regional Executives collaboration:  Private chat rooms allow agency executives the tools to immediately update their regional and inter-agency peers, request resources, and provide additional support where needed. 
  • Guest accounts: Add elected officials, public information officers, media and others to selected rooms to receive intel relevant to them. These individuals receive secure real-time communication as read-only, which gives critical updates to key stakeholders without clogging phone and communication lines during crisis response. 
  • Media Relations, PIO, District & State Attorney updates: Local and national media personnel can tune in to the crisis through read-only real-time ‘guest rooms’ to receive the information they need during a crisis but not vital or private information critical to the overall crisis operation. Real-time accurate information reduces rumors, gossip, and speculation during any crisis.

Case Closed (post-crisis investigation)

As the immediate need for responders to a crisis abates, the investigation begins. Evertel retains all communication data from the crisis in a single location in many cases reducing the post crisis investigation from months to days or even hours. Evertel provides instant access to all relevant crisis data, texts, voice, chats, photos, bulletins, alerts and videos created and distributed during a crisis event, all stored and accessible in their original encrypted format available to agency executive in a searchable format. All the time maintaining FOIA, CJIS, HIPAA, and state compliance requirements for your communications.

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