The Future of High-Profile Investigations and Crisis Communications

The Evertel executive team has traveled nation-wide to meet with numerous law enforcement agencies and their leaders after high profile incidents, mass shootings, and disasters. Shortly AFTER a crisis, law enforcement leaders realize there has to be a more compliant and efficient method to manage the chaos. Our profession’s planning, preparation and training does NOT

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S.B. 944 (TX) – A Summary for Law Enforcement Executives

You can view the full version of the Act here Here are the highlights of S.B. 944 for Chiefs / Sheriffs: If a current or former employee used a privately owned device (phone/tablet), they shall forward the information (data) to the government body or government body server to be preserved It is important to note

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Policy Modifications

There are 3 major reasons for implementing policy in your agency: To gain voluntary compliance for performance expectations (reduce risk, injury, litigation) Because there was NO policy and a lawsuit was filed or settled (mandating the new policy) Technology has advanced to the point where policy needed to be created and/or updated (body-cams) The challenge

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Police Policies

About those policies…

I spent almost 27 years serving in the law enforcement profession, 20+ years in Phoenix PD, retiring as Commander, and 6+ years in Fort Worth PD as Chief of Police.  In 2015 I retired and traveled the world as a senior consultant/advisor for a global police technology corporation.  Being in 6 countries and 39 states

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Blue is now Evertel

We’ve changed our name… why?

All of us on the team are excited to share the news regarding our new name – Evertel. No, we didn’t change ownership, get bought or sold, change markets or our mission. What DID change was the need to bring our branding in line with significant developments, both in the organization and the market that

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