Ready for Interdepartmental Communication? Onboard Your Team to Evertel

First responders already know how to move quickly when a disaster hits or a crisis breaks out. But there are still opportunities to make team collaboration even stronger. Agencies that focus on interdepartmental communication streamline their efforts and their resources.   The Benefits of Interdepartmental Communication  Imagine being able to connect with all of your

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A Crisis Is Coming—What Can I Do Now to Prepare?

Public safety agencies and community leaders always need to do their due diligence to keep their populations safe. Some natural disasters and weather emergencies give us a little bit of a warning. Others strike suddenly. So whenever a region does have the chance to prepare, you want to be sure that you’ve done everything you

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Finally – There’s a Better Way to Share Intel with Your Team

Technology often develops faster than we can get our arms around. But when it’s the right tool, and actually built correctly, the onboarding process can be a breeze. And when it comes to a first responder communication solution, what you really need is something that’s both intuitive to use – and secure. Public messaging apps

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