Stories from the Street Evertel

How to Keep Your Police Agency and the Community Informed

We spoke with Tony Raimondo, who is the Deputy Chief of Police in a city in central Florida. He helped his department become the first agency in Florida to use Evertel, and through the years they have found it to be beneficial. During the pandemic, they have been using Evertel to replace in-person briefings and

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Summer Floods Law Enforcement

Managing Your Extreme Weather Response

You see it every summer: photos and videos of devastating storms producing hurricane-force winds, heavy rains, and severe flooding. You hear the stories of swift-water rescues and mass evacuations, not to mention expensive damage and the logistical nightmare of massive road closures.  When you see the devastation caused by these events, it’s easy to think

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Police communication app

Communication is the Key to Leadership

The strongest leaders in history, whether in public service or business, have shown the ability to communicate and connect with their audiences, especially in times of trouble. Crisis situations and high-profile incidents call for timely and effective responses.  With Evertel, you can improve your organization’s leadership capabilities while enhancing performance, team strategy, and overall effectiveness. 

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How to Better Collaborate with Neighboring Agencies

Communicating within your own agency is difficult. Communicating with neighboring agencies can be even more difficult, especially during a community crisis. How do you communicate quickly in an effective and secure way? Email can be slow, and radio communications are not secure. During any major crisis, a variety of agencies may be involved and need

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Solutions to Common Challenges During a Crisis

The conditions and threats that arise during times of crisis require 1st responders to receive instant updates. Their safety relies on quick communication. With social media, online messaging, and texting as prevalent as they are, your employees are dependant on instant communication and fast responses in their day-to-day life, as well as at work. There

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