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Evertel is your agency’s all-in-one public safety collaboration tool — bringing agencies together with real-time updates and organized intelligence. Start with a no-obligation trial for your squad, team, or entire agency!

Trusted by Agencies of 10 to 10,000

Evertel reinvents how agencies communicate

Purpose-built for first responders, the Evertel platform is easy to use on any smartphone, desktop, or MDC
Law Enforcement

Establish true interoperability with instant intelligence sharing and organized chatrooms

Fire & Rescue

Coordinate your efforts and get all of the information you need—before you’re on scene

Emergency Management

Address crisis events faster than ever with a stronger communications network


Stay informed with immediate updates from your public safety agencies and first responders

Keep teams informed with Evertel

Keep everyone in sync

Strong internal communication builds a culture of trust, transparency and cohesion between leadership and employees. With Evertel, communication is accessible and inclusive, which helps employees feel more empowered, involved, emotionally attached and fully dedicated to the mission and the agency.

Stop rumors

Evertel’s broadcast rooms allow you to immediately update the entire agency with accurate information that’s coming straight from the source.

Beat the media

You never want to first hear about an incident from the news or social media. Maintain control of the narrative and keep your staff informed before it hits the media.

Gain clarity

Forget the chaos of endless email threads and other communication breakdowns. Evertel lets you organize conversations into simple rooms and team chats.


Share intel. Reduce crime.

Connect with other local agencies. Bring in specialists across the region, state, or even the country. Evertel gives you the power to discuss details, share ideas, and coordinate your response in real-time, and all in one place.

Crimes worked in Evertel are solved ~60% faster!
Real-time intelligence sharing

Evertel’s agency-to-agency collaboration helps solve crimes faster, increase officer safety, and reduce crime in your region for the long-haul.

One virtual space to collaborate

Invite members of other agencies, elected officials, or special experts to the conversation. Investigation rooms give everyone a single point of reference to expand shared knowledge.

Regional Collaboration

Let's protect your agency and employees from legal trouble

The use of SMS texting and public messaging apps is a violation of both federal and state-level public records laws, including FOIA and CJIS, and could lead to criminal investigations and civil lawsuits against the agency and individual.

That’s why teams get Evertel. The platform is fully-compliant, secure, and legal for all of your work-related communications. Plus, it’s easy to use and easy to scale—no matter the size of your agency.


There’s an easier way to coordinate during crisis events.

Discover true interoperability with Evertel. The platform is specifically designed to help public safety agencies build effective regional, statewide, and cross-border collaboration during any crisis event—regardless of the device, carrier, or network.

Instant communication

Solve problems faster with real-time intelligence sharing. Evertel lets you unlock the full power of interoperability by getting everyone on the same page right out of the gate.

Easy adoption

The user-friendly interface makes it easy to onboard employees and partners to Evertel. Then you can respond to any situation, from every level, and maximize your coordination.

"We use the ‘regional collaboration’ feature on Evertel and share crime intelligence and wanted felons to officers across the region.  This has resulted in catching many violent crime suspects literally the same day we developed probable cause for their arrest!  We now use Evertel to find suspects faster than we ever imagined."

Supervisor Baltimore Police Department

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