Amber Alert in Minutes?

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First responders and public safety professionals know how to act fast during a crisis. For too long, though, they’ve lacked the modern communications platform that can live up to their own skillsets and training. We need to get the intel out FAST. But the radio chatter, time-consuming phones calls, and lengthy email just don’t cut it. Fortunately, now there’s Evertel. It’s an incident command system that allows for true, INSTANT communication across ALL agencies.

Solve the Community Crisis Faster—the Evertel Way

Evertel is the incident command system that finally lets you resolve the amber alert in minutes. Not days. If you need to update your employees with an emergency alert for a missing child, Evertel lets you push out intelligence quickly and securely. And you can do it all right from your smartphone, with messages that can be sent similarly to texts. More importantly—Evertel is compliant with CJIS and easy to use!

There are multiple ways for teams to utilize Evertel and increase efficiency with amber alert responses

1. Evertel Regional Collaboration Rooms

In advance of any missing persons investigation, many existing Evertel agencies decide to create a Regional Collaboration (RC) room. Then they can add all of their regional agency leaders to the chat and ensure the room will be “at the ready” whenever they need to sign-on to announce an amber alert or notify teams of another crisis.

A missing person flyer or bulletin can be created right from any device with the Evertel mobile app. This can happen in about 3 MINUTES—and even right there on the scene. This missing person bulletin can then be shared regionally so ALL agency personnel will have the information and pictures on their devices in less than 1 SECOND. Can you imagine the difference that makes?

2. Your Incident Command System

Another option is for existing Evertel Executives to create an Incident Command (IC) room. This open-access room is patent-pending, and the basic information shared here can be available to ANY public safety employee from ANY government agency. They can still join regardless if they are an Evertel agency or not. It’s totally FREE to access your IC room to provide updates and check the status of an event. Again, users can share missing person information internally in seconds. It’s a total gamechanger.

3. FREE Statewide Staging through Evertel

You can take your Evertel incident command system even farther with Statewide Staging. This service lets you push all missing person and amber alert information to ALL public safety leaders in your STATE in less than 1/2 a second. These leaders can then share this information internally or in other regional rooms, they have access to on the Evertel platform.

With Amber Alerts, There’s No Time to Waste

Public safety is about protecting everyone, but there’s no denying that our children are the most vulnerable. A robust incident command system helps ensure that we can act fast to recover missing persons.

Regional collaboration is a crucial part of resolving amber alerts. The incidents quickly escalate, and without an instant and streamlined emergency alert system, it’s virtually impossible to close the case in minutes. Evertel changes that.

Our platform isn’t like other online collaboration tools that are meant for the public sector. What we’ve built is specifically designed for police agencies, government agencies, and first responders. If you’re ready to switch to an incident command system that actually makes sense for the way you work, let’s talk! You can send us a message to schedule a demo—or you can get started NOW and download your FREE trial of Evertel to see it in action!

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