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Start a Conversation with people outside Evertel

How to send a Direct Message invite

You have three ways you can invite others to join you in Evertel.

  1. Invite employees to your Agency (read article)
  2. Invite guests to a room (read article; Invite Guests Section)
  3. Invite contacts to Direct Message (DM)
    • invitation by email
    • invitation by text
    • use your device contacts

Any user in Evertel can invite others to a one-on-one or group Direct Message. Users in Direct Message threads do NOT become members of your agency or occupy any agency seats.

Start a Conversation with people in Evertel

How to send a new DM to existing Users

Direct messages (DMs) are one-to-one conversations between you and another person. You can DM with people within your agency and also those outside your agency. Group direct messages (group DMs) are smaller discussions, outside of rooms, between you and up to five other people. DMs work well for one-off conversations that don’t need to involve an entire room.

Keep in Mind

It is important that work-related conversations happen in a secure and compliant platform like Evertel. You should refrain from using SMS Texting as it is highly unsecure. In addition, public messaging apps like WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Groupme, and others often violate public information laws and put yourself and your agency at significant legal risk.

How to send a group DM to existing Users

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