How can I customize my own secure communications network?

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A communication platform is a software solution that is built to enhance internal and/ or external messaging.  At its most basic level, a communication network offers customers the ease of combining different channels, including phone, video, task management, team messaging in one convenient location.  More advanced and newer software can offer even more benefits extending into project management access controls and secure file sharing.  However, these added benefits and custom functionality within your own local area network often come with a hefty price tag–until Evertel.  


Evertel kept police needs in mind and built a secure communication platform-specific for law enforcement demands.  Evertel provides a tailor-made template that works within your existing data network infrastructure.  Because it is made to consider police needs, military-grade data security and network access control come standard.  


A communication platform for police must be built to keep your team aligned and be fast, secure, and capable of true interoperability. Some communication platforms require ‘enterprise’ versions to secure capabilities like customizing your network or adding employees outside of your network.  However, secure capabilities come included with Evertel. So you get the ease of a pre-made, secure application and the flexibility to make it work for you without the extra cost.  Other communication networks that include these options can run anywhere between $20-$50 per user per month.  However, Evertel is just $4 per user per month. We believe if a solution isn’t affordable, it isn’t a solution.  

Customizing law enforcement communication networks shouldn’t include having to worry about secure communications.  Evertel knows compliance and security are critical, so they’ve gone to great lengths to protect your data and intelligence.  To begin with, Evertel’s Secure Cloud Platform is managed by U.S. citizens on U. S. soil, and account access is only granted to entities and account holders that pass a screening process.   Furthermore, this cloud platform adheres to all security regulations and requirements, which means you can put your focus where it counts–protecting your community. Evertel takes security seriously and enables you to choose who has limited access to sensitive data by the individual, time, location, or other access controls.  Finally, there is continuous security monitoring for malicious and unauthorized behavior.   Evertel set out to create a secure network communication that allows you to communicate quickly and safely, and we proudly stand by our software. 

A communication platform should be a secure and affordable software solution built to enhance internal and/ or external messaging.  Now, with Evertel, it is just that.  Customizable data communication and networking means that you can house Evertel on your existing network and control who can and cannot access it.  Furthermore, standard custom options include allowing you to connect with employees, coworkers, witnesses, and even employees outside of your agency.  Evertel gives you simplicity, security, speed, and affordability in a communication platform.  We protect your communication so that you can protect your citizens.

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