How Can We Improve the Process of Sharing Updates for Changing Shifts?

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First responders keep our communities safe and rely on the exchange of information to operate effectively. So a failure to adequately communicate often means a failure to keep people safe.

Efficient, direct, and secure communication is one of the strongest weapons we have against criminal activity. Shift reporting between emergency response workers is a critical piece to a protected public. Being able to quickly exchange information leads to higher productivity and unity, as well as better organization and managerial ease.

The Challenge of Changing Shifts

Police officers are no strangers to the advantages of effective communication. Unfortunately, they’re also aware of the pitfalls that can happen without getting clear and consistent updates. Traditional shift reporting transpires through email, radio, and SMS or social media chats. However, these traditional shift reports come with high risks for misinformation, or even messages that are missed altogether.

Officers are on duty around the clock to protect communities, and accurate shift reporting is critical as one shift ends and another begins. Too often, though, these duty reports are delayed. A lot of us forget to check our email, or we just get there too late. On the other hand, messages can also get lost in the radio chatter. Standard text messaging isn’t any better. Those consumer platforms are susceptible to security breaches. Without the right communications tool, you leave your day shift and night shift vulnerable to increased criminal activity.

That’s why we built Evertel. As a communication tool, it’s fast like regular texting. But the software has unique features that were specifically created for public safety teams. Hands down, it’s the best way to communicate. 

Switch to Evertel and Stop Getting Confused

The Evertel platform helps streamline shift changes with organized chat rooms and easy-to-read updates. Agencies get exclusive chat capabilities that allow officers to check-in with each other and communicate between shift reports.

The solution is truly designed for the way you work. When your entire beat uses the chat room features, they’ll get instantaneous communication and another edge for fighting crime. Night shifts are kept up-to-date on any and all intel from day shift, and vice versa.

Not only does this lead to a more unified front against criminal activity, it also leads to higher productivity on shift. When an officer signs on to his shift, they’re no longer wasting precious time catching up on email. Instead, you get all of the critical intelligence in one place, right in the palm of your hand and with your boots on the ground. Officers can scroll back through any chat they’re part of to review whatever they’ve missed. Then they’ll add their own updates to keep the conversation moving along for the next shift!


Let us Help

Organized communication and urgent action plans have never been stronger than with Evertel chat. Suspect information, beat data, and crime info are immediately accessible whether you are on or off-duty. More importantly, emergent details can be instantly pushed to patrol officers as soon as they’re received.

Evertel is about working smarter, not harder for police officer shift reports. Sargeants, Lieutenants, and Captains can create chats with necessary participants and actively monitor and engage with all activity. Additionally, they can push out all crime intelligence immediately to those who need it. This means that no one is left out of the know, and leaders have peace of mind as communication is constant and visible.

Plus, entire squads are empowered to keep each other informed and unified against law offenders. Evertel works to share critical intelligence instantaneously. There’s no more communication gap between night shift reporting to day shift, or the other way around.  

When shift reporting and agency communication is done right, officers are empowered to keep putting their best foot forward. Communication is a key component of how law enforcement leaders and officers protect themselves while on shift and the communities they serve. If you’re ready to learn more about the Evertel platform and how it can help your agency, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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