We use consumer apps, what’s wrong with that? They’re encrypted too.

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Consumer communication apps are often convenient and user-friendly; however, what they make up for in user-facing ease, they sorely lack security compliance and legality.  Criminal Justice Information Services, or CJIS compliance, is what keeps criminal justice and law enforcement professionals in accord with standards for data safety and encryption. Finally,  Evertel delivers a public safety app with a user-friendly interface and the absolute assurance that you remain compliant with CJIS and other public safety mandates.  

Some examples of basic rules of CJIS compliance include 5 unsuccessful login attempts, monitoring password changes, weekly audit reviews, moderating account management, logging off users’ sessions after thirty minutes of inactivity, and restricted access due to location, job assignment, time of day, or network address.  These few basic rules highlight just how stringent CJIS can be, and rightfully so.  If your organization isn’t one hundred percent compliant, authorities can become involved quickly to protect everyone concerned. At best, traditional team communication apps may encrypt messages; however, for traditional team apps, meeting CJIS security policies can be both expensive and unnecessary.  Therefore, the use of such apps for law enforcement-related communication can become a violation of both federal and state-level laws.  The use of traditional team communication apps or consumer apps can lead to significant lawsuits for your agency, in addition to the obvious safety threats that can arise from an unsecured network.  Rest assured that with Evertel, compliance with CJIS and other public safety mandates comes standard without an added price tag.  


Public safety apps have come a long way in communication encryption, secure messaging, and user-friendly networks.  Evertel understands the critical component of total compliance within CJIS, which in turn keeps your agency safe from suspicious cyber activity and digital threats.  In addition to CJIS, Evertel provides safety and functionality that keeps you safe from expensive litigation under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).  Evertel’s added safety features include no employee can delete or destroy data, executive audit controls should a public information request ever be received, messages can be retracted if necessary, but data and timestamps are retained, a secure cloud system, and records of any data changes with full history reporting.  

Evertel keeps your agency’s communication compliant, secure, user-friendly, and above all–safe.  For the people who spend their lives ensuring the safety of others, let Evertel return the favor.  Transparency and accountability are at the core of Evertel’s communication app, safeguarding you and your agency from security breaches, lawsuits, and compromised intelligence.  Consumer communication apps are both tempting for their familiarity and commonplace among first responders; be that as it may, don’t let your agency fall victim to their many pitfalls.  Encrypting messages isn’t enough when it comes to public safety.  Criminal Justice Information Services and Freedom of information Act were created to keep data, citizens, and public servants safe.  Evertel stands on these same tenets and was built with first responder agencies in mind

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