When Every Minute Counts: Better Communication Solutions for Public Safety

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For first responders, making every minute count is perhaps the first rule of the job. That’s why public safety communication can’t afford to be anything but streamlined, secure, and powerful. Going with the Evertel app solution helps give these teams the ultimate edge.


How the Evertel Communication Solutions Work

In an Evertel squad room, you essentially get access to a universal location for all detailed intelligence. Any officer can post intelligence relevant to their shift or beat and make it viewable to other officers. But everything is by invite-only. Users control who can see the critical intelligence information, whether that’s an officer in their own unit or others working the same beat, regardless of shift. You can work faster because everyone can review the information they need ASAP.

The chat room feature allows special events to get staffed sooner, which means fewer physical briefings and less call out or overtime. Plus, it empowers squads to keep each other informed without adding unnecessary talk and chatter to the radio. All of that ultimately leads to an increase in public safety. 


The Long-Term Fix For an Outdated System

By staffing special events in a quick Evertel chat, time is no longer wasted on numerous calls and messages. Instead, one message is delivered in under one second to each member of the special event’s chat room. Responses can be immediate, and you’ll even have clear visibility surrounding who opened the requests.

All of this renders physical briefings and cumbersome email messages largely unnecessary. That way, you’ll be making the most of your minutes on shift. You don’t have to waste time in email back and forths anymore. Unnecessary radio talk is also a thing of the past. The channels are kept clear of chatter because all of your key communications can stay organized and take place in the app.

The chat room gives leaders the ability to message their entire squad with direct reports. Because these communications can happen faster, agencies are basically giving safety and savings back to the community they serve.

Evertel’s streamlined approach to 911 and public safety communications saves time, man-power, and money. For example, crime scene videos can be sent and immediately seen by Crime Scene Techs who can then decide who and how many staff members will be needed on the scene.

Furthermore, special events are able to save on overtime for 911 dispatcher communication. Evertel chat rooms make it easier than ever to manage all of the assignments and updates for low-risk events, helping to keep the 911 phone lines available for other calls. 

Encouraging Interoperability with Evertel

Evertel’s chat room feature empowers your entire squad to keep each other informed.  When coming onto a shift, an officer is quickly caught up to speed with what the previous shift handled by checking a chat on their device. Even better, you’ll be able to connect with an entire region for true interoperability.

Because chat room features can extend to neighboring agencies, leaders are able to collaborate and share intelligence in real-time. You can collaborate with all agencies within neighboring states, or even across the national Evertel community. As a result, entire patrol divisions can truly make every second count when it comes to suspect updates, missing children, fire response and support, extreme weather, hazardous materials, pursuit, special event management, and incident command.

Integrated public safety commission communication has never been smoother. Evertel’s chat rooms work to arrest suspects sooner, locate missing persons faster, and more. Every second saved leads to crime reduction and greater public safety.

Communities rely on responders to operate smoothly in urgent situations when time is of the essence. In turn, first responders rely on Evertel to keep critical intelligence secure, organized, and at your fingertips. 

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