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Choosing a secure password for Evertel

Given the nature of the content shared on Evertel, we highly recommend everyone take steps to protect their account on Evertel. Here are some easy and common password protection techniques.

Use a unique password for Evertel

It’s always a good idea to use a unique password for each service you use online and guard them closely. A common way hackers get into accounts is by hacking a less secure service to gain access to account records. Then using “bots” (programs) to try and login to thousands of popular services with the same login. If you use the same login information across services this makes your accounts vulnerable. If you do this, you should create a new unique password for each service.

A tool like 1Password can help you manage strong passwords across multiple sites and help make your accounts safer.

Setup two-factor verification

Two-factor verification will add an additional layer of security to your account in Evertel. Every time you login to Evertel on a new device or in a new browser you will be prompted to answer the three security question you answered when you registered. This is a highly effective way to protect your account as these answers should only be known by you.

Create strong passwords

A good password is one that is easy for you to remember but hard for a stranger to guess. Uncommon words work well, but only if you use several together. The following are also helpful:

  • Non-standard uppercasing (for example, “uPPercasing”)
  • Non-standard word spelling (for example, “spellllling”)
  • Using personal slang words
  • Non-obvious numbers and symbols (note: using “$” for “s” or “0” for “o” is common and easy to guess)

Example method to create a strong password

  1. Choose a phrase with at least 8 words (This is my favorite shirt in the world)
  2. Take the first letter of each word (timfsitw)
  3. Switch one (or two) to an uppercase (TimFsitw)
  4. Switch one letter to a number (T1mFsitw)
  5. Switch one to a special character (T1mF$itw)
  6. Add something unique from each site (T1mF$itwB)

Change your passwords regularly

It’s recommended that you update your passwords from time to time to keep them fresh. When you change your password it’s a good idea to never repeat previous passwords.