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Who is this article for?

This article is specifically for agency Executive Roles. Some features listed below can apply to Management Roles, as well. Each permission will be noted...

What is Managing a Team?

Managing a Team is performed with a simple feature-set for Executive Roles within an Evertel agency. Executive Roles need to view, manage, and monitor members that have been invited into their agency. Below, we will address some common questions regarding managing a team…

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On a desktop browser, Executive Roles have the ability to manage users and monitor their user’s data usage to ensure the agency is fully operational. In the top left, Executive roles will go to the    icon to select “Manage Users“. From here the Executive can perform the following, by selecting a user:

By clicking the user’s name in the “Manage Users” list, you can:

    • Change User Names
    • Edit their position & assignment
    • Update their agency role
    • Remove users from the agency
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Understanding your team...

To manage a team, you have to know their roles and permissions in Evertel. To best delegate daily operations. Click each tab below to view a summary for each agency-specific role…

Do Guests have an agency role?

Guests' permissions are limited to the room and the room settings they were invited. They can view the room history & connect with users in that room only.

  • Guests cannot be given permissions to manage rooms within an agency.
  • Guests only have access to rooms they're designated within an agency.
      • They cannot access other Agency-Wide or Team rooms, or EverDocs (without a primary agency) in the platform.
  • They can invite users to DM conversations.
      • any room members will be available in their Evertel contacts list.
      • anyone else would have to be searchable in order for them to connect.

Guests are not considered nor intended to have official agency roles.

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How do I change User information?

Certain Permissions Required

This action is for Executive roles. If you are in a Management role and need to perform this task often- please request an existing Executive in your agency grant you executive role permissions.

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How to Change a User's Role

Role Permissions Required

As an Executive Role you can change a user to any role/permissions. As a Management role you can change Employee roles to Management only.

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How to change an agency member's position:

Are you a Guest of an agency, or need to update a Guest's postion?

 Executives cannot change the position of Room Guests, even in their own agency.

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How to change a User's Name

Role Permissions Required

As an Executive Role can change user names within their own agency. Cannot update Guests' information.

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