Instant Messaging for Law Enforcement—Can Agencies Use Consumer Apps?

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What Really Matters for Your Law Enforcement Communication App?

Sending instant messages through your iPhone or Android is easy and familiar. We do it every day in our personal lives. But these solutions aren’t designed to be a law enforcement communication app. The same goes for other messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Signal, and Voxer. The list goes on.

All of those platforms are “public messaging apps.” On the surface, they seem secure. When you get down to law enforcement communication compliance, they just don’t hold up. 

It boils down to the records retention requirements. The CJIS regulations and FOIA call on law enforcement to share access to all of their communications. When officers are stuck using those public platforms as their go-to police communication app, agencies end up breaking compliance. Often, they don’t even realize those mistakes until it’s too late.


Police Communication App Risks and Benefits

Using consumer apps—whether it’s the standard text messaging system on your phone or another platform like WhatsApp or Signal that you’ve downloaded—leave agencies vulnerable to civil lawsuits. Without compliant communications between officers, we’re going to lose the trust of the public.

The solution? An intentionally-designed law enforcement communication app. One that’s specifically meant for this industry, with automatic archiving and an intuitive, user-friendly setup. No more endless email chains. No one being left “out of the loop.”

Watch Video –> Top Phoenix chiefs investigated for using secret messaging app

How to Ensure Compliant Communications Between Officers

Make sure your agency stays above-board. Without compromising on the clear, instant communication you need. There’s no doubt that sending and receiving messages and intelligence directly to our smartphone is easy and better than email and radio chatter. The crucial part is ensuring that your officers are upholding the law enforcement communication compliance standards.

With the Evertel law enforcement communication app, there’s finally a way for agencies to move their officers away from consumer apps and onto a platform that’s designed for their own line of work. You can build chatrooms, send direct messages, review past conversations, and even connect with agencies and first responders in other districts.

Reviewing the Public Safety Communication App Checklist can help clarify the types of functionalities that will work best for your team—and the communities you serve. Then once you know what you need, it’s easy to start your free trial with Evertel. Discover the difference!

Public Safety Communication App Checklist

While it's easy and free to use standard messaging apps for work, it comes with high risk. The texting platforms on your iPhone or Android-and even others like WhatsApp, Signal, and Voxer-just aren't designed for public safety.

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