Retract A Message

Retracting a Message in a Room or DM: Retracting a

Evertel Release Notes

Evertel Updates and New Features: Welcome to Evertel! We are

Not yet granted access to an Evertel agency?

This article does not relate to the following: If you

What are EverDocs?

Warning, Tip, Notice, or Information. You will need to update

Find Room EverDocs

Finding EverDocs within a Room… EverDocs posted to a Room

Share an EverDoc

Share your EverDocs: EverDoc Sharing Update: Starting with Release 6.3.2,

How do I Clone rooms?

What is Cloning a Room? Cloning a room is a

Where are my EverDocs?

Finding your EverDocs EverDocs is located in the left side

Create an EverDoc

How to Create an EverDoc Follow the steps below to

Update your Evertel on mobile…

Always make sure your Evertel mobile app is up to date! Here’s how to ensure you’re not left behind…